Sunday walks and homemade Wild Blueberry ice-Cream

What a glorious way to spend The Summer’s Day… A proper noun on account of it being a yearly event rather than a season in the UK. I exaggerate of course, but if you have ever lived in England, you’ll know how hit-and-miss our seasons tend to be, making themselves subject to constant derision and scorn. The British do talk about the weather a lot, but the reality is, there’s a lot to talk about when it comes to the weather, you can literally have the weather of four seasons in just one day.

Anyway, enough complaining, today is gorgeous and I’m going to gush about it. It’s hot, it’s sunny, the wind is very mild, I walked around in my Crocs sandals without a jacket or a scarf and feel like Remi and I have already made the most of the good weather. We drove half an hour out of town to visit a quaint little village with a main street monopolised entirely by independent businesses. Among these was a homemade ice cream shop which boasted flavours such as Morello Cherry, Wild Blueberry, Lemon Cheesecake, Earl Grey and Prunes, and… this one was a shock – Marmite flavour! Can you believe it? As I sit here I realise I ought to have asked to try it, but it didn’t cross my mind at the time. I was torn between Morello Cherry and Wild Blueberry so the shop girl offered to let me taste both! How kind.

We walked in the woods and talked about travelling, maybe moving to live in a beautiful place one day, the paths were framed by trees and huge rhododendron hedges  – it was sweet and romantic. We hope to do more of this sort of adventuring at the weekends, to slow the pace from the relentless demands of life and recharge. And flowers, ah, I forget how much I love flowers sometimes, that is until I stumble across sights like these and find my chest rise as I’m filled with a mixture of excitement and awe – the best things in life truly are free.



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