Hello world!

(Please note: Featured image was made by artist Gemma Correll)

To begin this post by making even the slightest attempt at summarising the last four and half months is futile. I simply cannot figure out where to begin. I’ve taken a break from blogging and from writing in general for the most part, I’ve been focusing more on living and less on reviewing or analysing my life and hopefully I’ve done a lot of growing as a person.

Tonight I felt like getting back to blogging, so I thought I’d at least write an entry to follow through on my intent.


Some things I have achieved over the last five months include:

  • Removing the batteries from my scales and keeping them out of reach. I don’t know how much I weigh and I’m very rarely curious to find out! (I won’t dispose of my scales altogether though, we might need them to weigh luggage)
  • A significant reduction in depressive moods. This is in part because I can more readily identify thoughts that trigger the slippery slope into dejection, as soon as I feel that sinking feeling that tightens my chest I start to fight to get out of my head rather than allow myself to be swallowed up by the darkness.
  • Building a creative habit. I have successfully made art part of my life again, and I’m so glad! I make time several times a week to be isolated with my art supplies and it does me so much good! I guess it’s what they mean when they talk about “self-care”, it’s me-time, with the perk that it is also productive time that builds my self-esteem a bit.


Some of the things that I need more work include:

  • My relationship with food. I’m not a binge-eater anymore, and I’ve made no effort to count calories for absolutely ages, so that’s good. Still, I’m a long way for becoming an intuitive eater, eating mindfully has not become a habit and I am not in tune with my hunger signals most of the time.
  • My relationship with exercise. At this very moment, exercise and I are getting along, but it’s not become something that is as regular a part of my life as I would like it to be. The aim is to view exercise as a way of showing respect for my body rather than to try to beat it into submitting to the shape I would prefer it to be. For instance, I really enjoy cycling and strength training whereas I absolutely hate HIIT and circuit training. However, I’m often tempted to start HIIT and circuit training regimes in the hopes of losing excess fat… even though experience has shown that I do them for a time and then become sedentary. I need to really root out that thinking at its source and come to truly believe that the best kind of exercise is the one that I will keep doing for a lifetime.

That pretty much outlines where I’m at with some of the things that I’ve discussed on this blog before. It helps me to see how far I’ve come, but I won’t be doing a regular update on these subjects, only when the mood takes me. For me, I find that it is counterproductive to monitor these things too closely.

Until next time!


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