Herbal Happy Pills

This page is an ever-growing list of things I have found that make me happy. Sometimes, when I am in one of my blue periods – a la Picasso (if only my bouts of sadness produced such creativity) – I struggle to remember all the good things in my life, I focus on the things that aren’t good, and forget the many things that can bring immediate enjoyment and uplift me. In an effort to remind myself, and maybe prompt the memories of people who may be going through a blue phase themselves, I am compiling a list of “alternative medicine”, so to speak, as I find out about things that cheer me up.

Things I can do right away or very soon 

Putting on some music … in the background or to dance to. Either way, music never fails to uplift me. Music is all the more helpful in distracting me while I have to do something I don’t feel like doing or don’t want to do.

Reading a good book … that can distract and transport me. It could be fictional or autobiographical, whatever, as long as it is compelling, it can take me out of my head, in my head!

Lighting some candles and taking a bath or sitting in a comfortable chair with a blanket … brings instant comfort and soothes me. I was never one for candles up until recently, but when I discovered the beauty of a room scattered with lit tea-lights, I got addicted. Now, I try to do it just once a week or so, to eek the wax out.

Things that take a bit of planning

Painting, drawing, and being crafty … tends to require me being at home, having the materials I need and the inclination, but once I’m “in the zone”, I can get completely drowned in the flowing creative juices of artiness.

Things that take a lot more planning

Going for a break to a different city or country … immediately helps me regain perspective, reminding me I’m not the centre of anybody’s universe but my own. The change of pace de-stresses me and the adventure excites me.